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Low-Cost Equipment

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Description: A vital source of free and affordable computer systems for new home broadband users as well as community training programs, is the refurbishing of used equipment from individuals, corporations, and public agencies. The past few years have seen significant growth of professional refurbishing operations run by local nonprofit organizations. This workshop will bring together some of the nation's best nonprofit refurbishers to share experiences and ideas. We will also talk with a General Services Administration representative about possible changes in Federal government tech donation policy that could help community programs.


Location: Room 312

Date: Thursday May 19th, 2016

Time: 10:45-11:45 AM




Jim Lynch

Electronics Recycling/Reuse Director

TechSoup Global 


Bob Holcombe

Director, Personal Property Management Policy

General Services Administration


Sam Drong

Program Director | IT Strategist and Consultant

PCs for People


Cari Delmariani

Director of Events and Education

Kramden Institute, INC.



Colleen Dixon

Director of Development & Public Services 

Free Geek




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