No More Silos: Overcoming Barriers to Digital Inclusion Partnerships Among Libraries, Schools, City


City governments, local libraries, school districts and community-based nonprofits all play important roles in helping our constituents to overcome barriers to digital literacy and access – but we don't always work together as effectively as we might think. This roundtable will discuss what it takes to break out of institutional silos and create effective, mutually supportive program partnerships.


Location: Multi-Purpose Room

Date: Wednesday May 18th, 2016

Time: 2:15-3:15 PM



Carrie Coogan

Deputy Director

Kansas City Public Library


Jayne James

Digital Equity Agenda



Dan Noyes

Co-Director and Chief Wrangler

Tech Goes Home/Openairboston


Susan Corbett


Axiom Technology and Axiom Education and Training Center


Denise Linn

Program Analyst

Smart Chicago Collaborative



Bruce Clark

Digital Inclusion Project Manager

Queens University of Charlotte