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Tracking Digital Equity: Measures and Metrics for Programs and Communities (redirected from Tracking Digital Equity: Measures and Metrics for Programs and Communites)

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A growing number of American cities have developed visions for a digitally inclusive community. These visions can include broadband access and adoption, digital literacy, digital workforce readiness and digitally connected civil society. The most successful of these efforts have key indicators to track progress over time and a broad-based coalition of agencies and organizations working collaboratively on strategies to improve progress on Internet access, adoption, affordability, digital literacy and a technologically adept workforce. Learn about how communities are using data to highlight inequity and motivate new inclusion efforts.


Location: Grand Reading Room

Date: Wednesday May 18th, 2016

Time: 2:15-3:15 PM




Vicky Yuki

Digital Equity Coordinator

City of Seattle, Department of Technology


Brandon Brooks

Assistant Professor

Knight School of Communication


Heather Gate

Digital Inclusion Program Development Manager

Connected Nation


Otto Doll


City of Minneapolis



Luke Swarthout

Director of Adult Education Services

New York Public Library

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