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Affordable Internet Offerings: Comparing Costs and Eligibility Requirements (redirected from Affordable Internet Offerings: Comparing costs and eligibility requirements)

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Description: A panel of representatives from key ISPs and resellers offering discount broadband services for low-income households will describe their programs, who they serve, what they provide (speed, data, etc.), what they cost, and the digital inclusion strategies they reflect.


Location: Kirk Hall

Date: Thursday May 19th, 2016

Time: 10:45-11:45 AM



Erica Swanson

Head of Community Impact Programs

Google Fiber


Katherine Messier

Managing Director

Mobile Beacon


Madura Wijewardena

Executive Director

Global Public Policy, Comcast 


John Sondag


AT&T Missouri


Norma Fernandez

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships




Casey Sorensen


PCs for People


Begin 5 minute presentation from each 


Cover the basics:

  • When was your program created and why?
  • Who is eligible? What are the restrictions (outstanding bills, existing customer?
  • What speed and product (LTE, Cable, DSL etc)
  • Are there speed tiers?
  • What is the cost? (starting cost, monthly, per or post paid, hardware costs) Is a modem included? Computing device available?
  • How to sign up?
  • How many subscribers are on your low cost platform?
  • What are the geographic limitations?


Moderator Questions


  • Will the lifeline reform change your offering?
  • What role, if any, does your organization play in digital literacy?


Attendees might ask these questions


  • How do you market your services?
  • What is the main barrier you see why people don’t adopt your service, even at a reduced rate?
  • Do you work with resellers for your low income service? 
  • What is the most common public complaint your program receives and how are you addressing it?
  • Does your service "shape" data through throttling or limit data capacity?
  • Do you foresee the industry in general being able to offer low-cost services that match the speed/capacity of the full price plans?
  • Is your business able to produce a positive net income with your low cost service?
  • How can NDIA members increase the impact of your service?




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